How To Ollie

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June 23, 2017

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The Ollie. The Legendary pioneer of every trick in the trick-boarding world. Well. How is it done?  I personally didn’t have much of a problem learning how to Ollie when I skated. I picked it up in like an hour. there are 2 really good videos on YouTube just type in “how to Ollie” and “tony hawk how to Ollie” Tony Hawk is goofy so it might help you.both videos are straight forward and are pretty good.

the Ollie is a simple trick with a simple motion. So don’t stress out about it. here would be the way i would teach it.

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1) get your board, helmet, and butt outside.
2) start by pushing your board and make sure that you are moving not too fast but not too slow either.
3) put your front foot horizontally just behind the first set of front bolts and your back foot on the tip of the tail.
4) pop the board and slide your front foot up towards the nose. (sliding your front foot up is the most important part of the ollie. it levels the board out and helps you go higher and if you dont slide your foot you can still do ollies but will lead to many problems in the long run like falling very often and you will have the worst time of your life feeling pain, fusturated, and feel angry when learning kick/heel flips everything can be avioded by sliding your foot)
5) stay level with the board and make sure your right on top of the board.
6) if done correctly which is pretty easy, gravity will pull you down and should land right on your bolts.

one thing i feel that i must say is, NEVER LEARN YOUR OLLIE STATIONARY!!!!! #4 is very important! Ollie stationary. What is the best way to land your Kick-Flips is also a common question we get, so stay tuned for our next articles on KickFlips

Never give up! Always practice! Don’t be scared! Those are people that I like. No quitters!

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