The Almighty 50-50

So how is it done? Well,

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First, make sure that you can ollie PERFECTLY. Grinding in any fashion can get you seriously hurt if you don’t know how to properly get up to the rail. Good. When you approach the rail, ride towards it at about a 45 degree angle. Don’t come straight at the rail, perpendicular, and don’t ride parallel to it. Because of this angle, your ollie has to be 45 degrees crooked so you land on the rail straight. (before you try this grind, you probably want to be able to 180 ollie)
When you land on the rail straight, it’s all about just riding and keeping your balance. Remember: when you’re done grinding, pop off the rail, clearing it completely.


-If you fall backwards, hitting you head, try this:

-Wear a helmet
-Lean forward
-Make sure the rail is not too waxed (slippery)
-Slow down

-If you can’t ollie straight onto the rail, try this:

-Perfect your flatland 180 ollie.
-Make a bit smaller of an angle (still, don’t go parallel)

Good luck! Now, try 5-0 grinds. (like a 50-50, but you’re doing a manual throughout the whole thing)